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Nowadays, people seem to have their smartphones with them at all times. As expected, this is no exception when watching television. People switch between two devices and their eyes travel from one to the other without a break.
Then, why not combine both the TV and the smartphone? Why not take advantage of this “second screen” paradigm?

DLNA is the last piece of the puzzle we lacked: a capability that bridges the distance between the smartphone and the TV. With MaiTV the smartphone will become an extension of the television. A higher quality and more interactive remote control.

MaiTV is a 2D and 3D video app based on two key points: DLNA and streaming video site.

DLNA is a protocol that enables communication between all the gadgets which are connected to a single Wi-Fi network (such as smart TVs). Now that smartphones act as handheld computers, our home’s technology ecosystem can be controlled right from our hands, without moving from the sofa!

The app allows viewers to have a cost free film experience whilst acting as an avenue for content creators to display their TV shows and movies.

A new system of two coordinated and coherent screens will display both content and publicity, allowing new ways of interactivity we can’t even imagine: a whole new language for both, creators and publicists.


MaiTV app UX UI design

MaiTV app allows the user to control a smart TV from his smartphone. A very simple interface was designed, where content display options are included along the standard remote control capabilities.

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