Naming and branding

Identity colours

Pantone 7467 C
RGB 0, 164, 180

Cool Grey 3C
RGB 203, 203, 203

Process Black
RGB 0, 0, 0


Helvetica Neue

Chalet London

Product image, marketing, web design

Packaging design and product photography

App UX UI design

Scubo App allows the user to shoot 3D photos, edit and play them on both an iPhone and a TV. It is also a social network to share 3D content and interact with other users online.

Advertising creativity, video edition

There are more 3D televisions everyday but not so much content. This is because 3D images are difficult to create and require expensive equipment. Scubo3D wants to break this paradigm, making it easeier (and cheaper) for the user to watch and create his own 3D photographies and videos.


Scubo3D product design

Scubo3D develops accessible and affordable 3D devices so that everyone, everywhere can produce their own 3D content. The brand was created from scratch along all kind of communication materials, both offline (brochures, posters, etc) and online (web, banners, video...). I also designed the UX and UI of Scubo3D app, which made it possible to enjoy 3D content from an iPhone.

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  • Skills:
    • branding
    • InDesign
    • product photography
    • UI design
    • UX design
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